I am one of the biggest advocates of Google Adsense, and since having joined the program over two years ago, have benefited greatly. Every new blogger wants to make money from their website and Google Adsense is the easiest and most lucrative way to do it. But it is not easy. There are many prerequisites and a lot of hard work required to get to that point, but once you do the rewards are unbelievable.


Traffic is king. You won’t make any money from your blog if you don’t have real organic traffic. Using a company like adf.ly or an automatic webpage surfer will get you nowhere. Sure, your hits will go up but it won’t help you get quality traffic. Most of those people are just trying to make quick money and won’t be really looking into the content of your website. Remember, Adsense ads are targeted to your content which means if they are reading your article because they want to they are more likely to click and add a couple cents to your account. Getting traffic is another story entirely and I will have a post up on that hopefully tomorrow, which I will link back here. Once you have traffic coming in from search engines or referrals, then you can move on.

Adsense Ad Placement

Many people who I do website research and design for want to put the Adsense ads towards the bottom of the page. I can’t understand this. If you hide your ads, especially by putting them at the bottom where nobody looks, then no one is going to click them. Put them inside your posts or on the side bar where they are visible. Another important thing to know is that Google allows you to put up to three ads per page. You should utilize all three ads. For example on this post, you will see one in the beginning, one in the middle and one in the end. (BTW, if anyone is interested in how I did that then you can use the plugin Adsense Now! on WordPress.)

If you have a page or post with a video and very few words, then you are not going to get many clicks or many targeted ads on that page. You need to put them on extremely text rich sites where the content is the main focus. I usually try to put more ads on the lengthier posts of my blog.


If you didn’t know you could change the color of your Adsense units then you should learn! The more blended in the Adsense units are with your website the more clicks you are going to get. Some people I know even choose the same font for their Adsense ads as the rest of their blog, making people think it is part of their post. I have never tried it personally but people report great results with it. Related to color is Text or Image ads. It is an important descision to make. I generally keep the text ads towards the middle and the image ads towards the top and the bottom. Those are the placements that work the best for me.

Image Adsense Unit

Image Adsense Unit

Text Adsense Unit

Text Adsense Unit

To really make money with Google Adsense you are going to need content and traffic. They both come hand in hand. The content part is up to you, but the rest I can help you with. Check back tomorrow to see my new post on how to get traffic to your blog! Good luck with Adsense!


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