I recently acquired an Amazon Kindle and I’ve found that its an amazing reading device, but doesn’t let you put any files on it other than pdf and its own MOBI. The most common conversion is from ePub to MOBI and this tutorial shows you how to convert from ePub to MOBI. With PDF files many of the features that are important such as font size are turned off, so having your documents and ebooks in MOBI format is a must. Thankfully there is an extremely easy way to do this. It involves a freely available program called Calibre. The great thing about this program is it’s for Mac, PC and Linux so everyone can use this tutorial! Once you download it you should get a screen similar to this:

The next step is to import the book into the program which can be done like so:

After you do this you go to the convert books menu and choose the formats as shown in the next two screenshots:

Click on Convert Books in the center


Make sure the output format is MOBI

The job might take a while so wait. In the bottom right corner you will see the job processing. After it has finished, right click on the eBook and choose the option shown below.

Go to Save to Disk and choose only mobi format

Plug in your Kindle and wait for it to show up. It will look like a flash drive. Save the file in the Documents folder on you Kindle and when you eject or remove your Kindle it will show up at the home screen!

An important thing to remember about the process is DRM protected books will not work through this program. Only if they are not write protected. There are of course ways of getting rid of it but it’s illegal and I’m not approving or showing you how to do that. I personally use it for some of the free books that are free on a place like Google Books but not on Amazon. It downloads as an ePub and I convert to MOBI and then move to the Kindle. This is also good for long PDF documents that you want on the Kindle with full flexibility, such as font size and text-to-speech.

If the tutorial helped feel free to leave a comment below and bookmark the site!

edit: sorry for the small pictures, I need to fix it

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